On 24th Sep, 2017, leading hoverboard developer and manufacturer Chic from China, issue its latest 6.5 inch two wheels hoverbaord on JD.com at price 105$ / pc, is the price really cheap and worthy ?

Chic possess the patent for several two wheels hoverboards outer appearance patent and innovation patent, and to ensure these hoverboards manufactured by them with good quality, they have been applying for UL2272 standard during manufacturing. All of these make the Chic branded hoverboards price is extremely high in the market. This time , they issue a latest model 6.5 inch hoverboard, and the retail price online is only 105USD per piece, why is it so cheap ? how comes it can be so cheap ? let’s see some of its pictures below:

chic cheap 6.5 inch balance scooter

chic 6.5 inch two wheels hoverboard at cheap price in black color

Some of its technical specifications as below:
Motor: 250w * 2
Loading capacity: 20-100kg
Battery: 36V 2.4Ah 18650 lithium ion battery
Net weight: 10KG
Motherboard: single system motherboard
Climbing ability: 15 degree
Charging hours: 2-3 hours
Driving mileage: 5-10km
Dimension: 584*186*178mm

From above , we can see that this model is pretty new, but its net weight is only 10kg , the driving mileage is only 5-10km, and the battery capacity is only 36V 2.4Ah; so actually Chic only use 10 battery cells in this new model ( standard 6.5 inch hoverboard use 20 pieces 18650 battery cells ) to reduce the production cost. Actually, reduce the mileage from 12-15km to 5-10km will not affect the user’s driving appearance at all, because it is pretty hard to drive 12-15 km one time, user will not feel so comfortable after stand up riding the 6.5 inch hoverboard for more than 1 hour.

Chic reduce the battery capacity to 36V 2.4Ah , i am sure will reduce the retail price for more than 30USD. Please note that the 105USD/pc is the retail price in China, China safety standard is not the same as foreign countries, i guess Chic newest 6.5 inch cheap two wheels hoverboard wholesale price may around 90USD for foreign dealer and importer, and its retail price on Amazon, Ebay, Supermarket and other retail store may cost about 199USD, it is worthy to buy Chic quality hoverboard in this price range. However, let’s wait and see.