2017 ultimate balance scooter buying and riding guide

What is electric balance scooter ? Electric balance scooter is a battery power driven and self balancing means of transport, the operation principle is mainly based on the the basic principles of "dynamic stabilization", use internal gyroscope and acceleration sensors to detect changes in scooter body posture and use the servo control system to precisely drive the motor to [...]

Electric kick scooter general knowledge

First, electric kick scooter advantages Skateboarding originated in the United States in the early 1960s, evolved by sea surfing. Relative to the geographical and climate constraints of the surfing movement, skateboarding movement has a greater degree of freedom, not rigidly adhere to the fixed form, skateboarders can play freely imagination, in the process of creating [...]

Mini pro segway balance scooter review

After Xiaomi technology investing in Ninebot, Ninebot has purchased Segway Inc and launched Ninebot 9 balance scooter, and it is very popular in the market.After nearly two years later ninebot has brought the latest masterpiece - Mini pro segway scooter, which is an update version of Ninebot 9 balance scooter, today we have to look at [...]