Why do i buy hoverboard from ?

Currently there are so many hoverboard supplier you can found from,each supplier said that they are original factory offer competitive price and good quality hoverboard ? Well, words don't count. is a hoverboard wholesaler from China, selling hoverboards produced by our own workshop and our partner.All our hoverboards are suitable for buyer's local [...]

Good quality charger is important for hoverboard

Hoverboard and other electric scooters fire events have been frequently heard recently. The world's sensational hoverboard fire events occurred in 2015,has been pushing "made in China" onto the cusp. If the hoverboard charging at home catch fire, catch fire or explode while riding,it would be a disaster. Why hoverboard catch fire or explode ? Firstly [...]

How to identify real Samsung lithium ion battery pack for hoverboard ?

Due to some safety accidents caused by hoverboard, hoverboard dealer stress a lot about hoverboard quality,especially hoverboard battery.Currently Samsung battery pack, LG battery pack, Panasonic battery pack,Sony battery pack and Bofuneng battery pack are most used lithium ion battery pack for hoverboard. Samsung lithium ion battery pack is being asked and used most among these [...]

6 jobs definitely need a mini segway scooter

Recently, self balancing electric scooter has been very popular,among the most popular self balancing electric scooters are mini segway scooters. Apart from use for fun, mini segway scooters are utilized as daily commuting vehicles at work.Mini segway has several advantages such as avoid of city traffic jam, parking,saving fuel cost and maintenance cost etc. With [...]

5 Safety tips for hoverboard newbie

I am glad you have had a hoverboard or going to purchase your hoverboard, and it it my honor to share hoverboard safety riding tips with you. 1.Covering insurance for your hoverboard Although hoverboard are cheaper and more safer than cars, covering insurance for your should be beneficial and neccessary. Injuries can happen, and it [...]

Why UL2272 approved hoverboard ?

UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories, a nonprofit safety organization established since 1894 for the express purpose of “promoting safe living and working environments.”UL is world recognized as a leader in product safety testing and certification. Safety is the most import thing when purchasing and riding a hoverboard. Here are some of the reasons why UL2272 standard [...]