Requirements for UL2272 hoverboard

On 28th Oct, 2016 , the famous B2B platform from China issued a new rule for hoverboards manufacturer and reseller: to avoid accidents caused by bad quality hoverboard, requires hoverboard manufacturer and re-seller to have UL2272 certificate or authorization certificate from UL2272 certificated manufactures  for all hoverboards on sale. Hoverboard without UL2272 certificate shall be banned to sell on after 29th Dec,2016, Which means has given 62 days for manufactures to apply for UL2272 certificate.However, still many manufacturer know little about UL2272. We would like to share our knowledge about UL2272 with several articles.

UL2272 standard is divided into two parts, they are “structure requirements” and “test requirements. in which test requirements divided into three parts including electrical, mechanical, environmental.

The “Structure Requirements” section of the standard pointed out requirements for core parts: requirements for non-metallic materials, anti-corrosion treatment for metal parts, requirements for shell, internal wiring and connection requirements, chargers, fuses, and indicator lights, electrical clearance and electrical isolation requirements, insulation class and protective earthing requirements, battery requirements, motor requirements, as well as requirements for testing in production line.Only a hoverboard meets these requirements, can it submit for UL for whole scooter testing.

Per our experience, parts should meet below detailed standards:

A. Raw materials for the plastic shell shold must meet the three standards:UL94, UL746B, and UL746C.
B. The charger must meet either of the three standards:UL1310 / UL1012 / UL60950-1.Rated current and voltage must sychronized with the hoverboard.
C. The battery must meet UL2271 and UN38.3 standard, can be tested with the whole hoverboard.
D. Fuses shall comply with UL248-13 or UL248-14, and and their specifications should suitable for actual use.
E. The motor used in hoverboard should evaluated according to UL 1004-1. If it is not certified,able to submit for random testing too.
F. Internal connecting wires, optocoupler, terminal blocks, printed circuit board, the connector used for the hoverboard must meet the corresponding UL standards, namely UL758, UL1577,UL1059, UL796 and UL 486A-486B.
G. Safety protection circuit of hoverobard:hardware and softwware should be evalued according to either of the three standards UL991&UL1998, UL60730-1 or IEC 61058 .

If parts don’t meet these standards, UL will not testing the whole hoverboard.